Certificate in monitoring and Evaluation

Do you wonder how you can run an effective project? Have
you ever wonder how you can make project more efficient
and successful? Do you want to increase the level of
ownership of the projects you implemented at the
community level?.
Monitoring and Evaluation is increasingly recognized as the cornerstone for
effective program management and is critical for organizational
sustainability. A continuously increasing need for suitable skilled
monitoring and evaluation project managers has been identified as priority
area by various stakeholders active in different sectors and industries .


By the end of this course the participants should be
able to:

  • Apply concepts, principles, processes and framework for
    monitoring and evaluation systems in development
  • Use results-based tools for programme planning.
  • Design and develop M & E systems.
  • Design and conduct an evaluation.
  • Formulate theory of change.
  • Use M & E tools for quantitative and qualitative data


  • Monitoring and Evaluation Concepts.
  • Leadership, Ethics and Governance.
  • Project Management.
  • Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics.
  • ICT for Project Management.
  • Communication, report writing and Presentation.
  • Emerging Issues in Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Systems Evaluation.
  • Practicum.
  • Assignment 1,2,3 and 4.
  • Final Examination