About Us

Lamai Business and Technology Institute mission is to foster high-value job-skills targeted education centered on innovative experiential eLearning that meets the needs of diverse student populations, their employers, societies and communities. Adapting programs to an ever-changing global economy & technologies; equip & facilitate critical thinking, collaboration and leadership by integrating adaptive academic theory with education best-practice.

Lamai Institute is inclusive and will provide access to students beyond traditional classroom walls, while being respectful of and responsive to diverse learning styles and culture. We provide a global, mobile, innovative, and highly competitive experiential educational format, giving students flexible options that fit today’s global workplace and suit today’s diverse lifestyle – enabling students to realize their educational needs and career goals – at a pace & place that suits student’s hectic lifestyle – anytime anyplace anywhere.

Lamai Institute is a cutting-edge, fully digital Institute designed for the modern world, leaving behind outdated approaches to empower our learners to shine brightly amidst the competition.

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Our Values


We strive for high standards in education and training, encouraging students and staff to continuously improve and excel in their respective fields

Student-Centered Approach

We put our students' needs and goals at the forefront, tailoring educational experience to meet individual learning styles and preferences.


We uphold honesty, ethics, and transparency in all actions, fostering an environment of trust and respect 


We encourage teamwork and cooperation among students, faculty, and staff to promote a supportive and inclusive learning community


We embrace creativity and forward-thinking approaches to adapt to the ever-changing business and technology landscape.

Industry Relevance

We ensure that the curriculum and training programs align with the current demands and trends of the business and technology industries

Our mission

Our mission at Lamai Business and Technology Training Institute is to provide innovative and industry-relevant education and training to empower our students for success in the dynamic world of business and technology. Through a student-centered approach, we aim to foster excellence, integrity, and creativity while embracing diversity and inclusion.

We are pushing for a new frontier in changing the way online eLearning is delivered to the students globally. We are working to advanced education and empower people worldwide through open online eLearning: Come enjoy our quality self-paced online course and push your career with infinite knowledge!. 


  • Cutting-edge Technology at your finger tips
  • 100% online delivered globally enhancing Education skills and career growth.
  • Affordable fee
  • Accredited by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).
  • Monthly fee payment options available.
  • Flexible learning which fit your work schedule.

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